Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In Athens with David Bonetti-Art Critic, St. Louis Post -Dispatch

David Bonetti at The Breeder gallery in front of Stelios Faitakis’ work.

It’s been great having David in Athens. The conversations were great; the walks pretty long and the wine always chilled. Yesterday, we put our comfy shoes and hit the streets of Psirri for some art viewing. We visited the “Lion under the Rainbow” at D.ART, “Entropy” at Kappatos, “Loop Ahead” at Qbox, “Wake me up before you go go I wasn’t planning on going solo” at, “What a great day” at The Breeder and finally the opening reception of “Mail Order Monsters” at Andreas Melas Presents (AMP).

Andreas Melas of AMP with Jeffrey Deitch of Deitch Projects

“Mail Order Monsters” is a group exhibition curated by Kathy Grayson, exploring new trends in fucked-up figuration. Every generation has its unique take on the figure and the freshest figurative art seems to portray the figure as broken, decaying, uncanny, and monstrous! The show was first shown at Peres Projects in Berlin, it then traveled to Deitch Projects in New York and now it is here in Athens at AMP.

Kathy Grayson, Gallery director of Deitch Projects

Cody Critcheloe of Ssion, Leone Reeves and Jaimie Warren

And Yeahhhh! Our own Boots girls were here to represent in classic mid-western style… they performed in rocking standards and dimensions songs by Ssion and here are the photographs to prove it!

Oh! We had to document the happy reunion.

Blonds first: Leone Reeves, Photo guest, Jaimie Warren – Brunettes: Cody Critcheloe, Georgia Kotretsos, Photo guest

David Bonetti, Critic, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Helena Papadopoulou of Nice & Fit, Sarah Crowner of Dexter Sinister at the AMP opening

Jeff Koons and Jeffrey Deitch outside the entrance of AMP

Dj’n at Mamacas at GAZI

post by-Georgia Kotretsos
Boots agent/Boot Print,Editor-in-chief

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